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Add High Vol and Low Vol Node markers to Volume Profile

Would like the High Volumes Node and Low Volume Nodes marked out, preferably with horizontal lines.   Many providers include this feature such as Rancho, Fin-Alg and Gomi.   See photos of examples of this feature.  

(48.4 KB)
(49.2 KB)

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Any update on adding this feature?   Thank you!

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I cannot make out the jpegs as they are small but I'm assuming you mean volume profile nodes. great idea. Again, very useful.

We will work on this.

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I think it is very helpful for volume spread analysis.

I used to use Gomi's volume profile and I really like that feature and would welcome the addition to mzVolProfile.

It would be a welcome addition

Hnas. good idea and i would like them too, but like Paul said above , your images are short icons and can not see anything. can you resubmit with full size image so will be clear to everyone

I vote for this also.

Click on the file name and not the thumbnail to see the screen shots.

I used to use GOMI before Mzpack, and I do very much like the lines indicating hi/lo nodes on volume profile (although not shown in the GOMI.png).  I also like the way GOMI used averages for volume profile and gave a smoother outline on profiles.

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smart you Bob :) the file name worked. i have not used Gomi but I am very comfortable using mzVolumeProfile using ""custom profile" so i choose the bars in the real time.  see this image. i have drawn 3 range profile, by hand, by clicking the + sign as i show here. then you can click the range and increase or decrease the bars


i know this thread is mainly to discuss plotting HVN, LVN, but i forgot to give another screen shot above. it shows a short cut like this, to create a range and it also sho0ws VAH, VAL not HVN, LVN :( 


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