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Option Extend left margin ladders.

Option Extend left margin ladders. 

with this option you can extend the color to the left margin of the real time Dom, allows you to filter the historical without losing sight of the heat map of the dom

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ideally, it would be accompanied by an option to activate to deactivate: 

Independent Color Mode: Heatmap and GrayscaleMap..  in realtime Dom and Historical dom. 

So the colors of the Realtime Dom will be more differentiated.

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Extend realtime DOM ladders to the chart?
In this case the ladders will overlap historical DOM ladders...
Or did I miss something?

no, extend only to value: ladders width,px

ideally accompanied by independent filter for realtime dom

Ok, ladders extention is possible.

Wait for 3.14.13 beta

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Thank you for implementing it 


-now the historical is cleaner 

-also see in Real-Dom remove limited in news and other events. 

-I imagine it improves performance by having fewer objects. 


attached photos of the result. 


Couldn't add filter to realtime dom? 


It would help to play with the colors independently... or maybe a saturation filter like in bigtrades... 


Best regards 

(320 KB)
(340 KB)
(194 KB)
(209 KB)

We will consider this.
Btw, you can shift the right side of Real-time DOM to the left to cleary see your custom level with alert (red).
Use 'Realtime DOM - Right margin' option

thanks for the tip. 


I've tested and I think the ideal option for the gradient color in "realdom" could be option "Chart". 


-in "Real Dom" the highest value in the Chart is drawn red (healmap) and -the lower value in the dark blue or black chart.

-affects only values in the chart, not the total depth

-make the color gradient between values max y min in the chart

-this would be adaptive to adjust color 


just like "chart" on mzFootprint with Healtmap 


attached photos approximate result


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This can be done in the futurte.
Thank you.

Hello Mikhail... 

by the time your implementation? 


Best regards..

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