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Mz Own Database - Instead of using Ninja Tick Replay

I saw some indicators similar to the Mz that don’t need “Tick Replay on” because they create their own database (so they don’t need the recalculation everytime). I immagine that it isn’t an easy request, but it would be a great improvement of the indicator. Because the only problem I see in Mz is that the NT8 Tick Replay has huge cpu/ram consumption and it is impossibile to use it at the same time on several charts and with a lot of days to analyze (more that 1-3 days).

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Tick replay affects only on processing of historical data. This is just the question of initial loading time.
So this is not important in common case. 1 or 3 minutes - no difference if you want to have accurate historical order flow.
On live market data, the processing is the same for both modes - no differences.

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