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Market Profile - Open , Close

Shall we get the Market open, and Close in the charts (ie, O- Open and # - close)

Now we have only for sessions (only open)

Split and un-split  (Both ) for day charts (Refer Attached )

High value node , Poor Low,Poor High, Failed Auctions

Thanks in advance


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hi is mzpack working well for market profile. i would on indian stocks...

please do respond. reviews with respect to mzpack 


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Same requirement is for me as well, their market profile is not good, missing many small things which should be smoother.

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friends i just want to know ...if mzpack is suitable to market profile chart and indian context


Yes, I believe the same...


MZ PACK 3.15.14

Thanks  for the New MZPACK 3.15.14  with OPEN, HIGH,LOW, CLOSE , IB LOW, IB HIGH .

Some Tweaks required, if IB Low and Day low is same , it creates Overlap

same way for IB High  ( Can combine as One Level)


Yes, to Some Extent !

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