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COT and its use to check new high lows

Please someone help me in understanding COT in MZPack. I am new to MZpack and just bought the Pro version.

There is lack of information in the manual and on the internet. Please help me find out how it works and how to interpret test of new high and low from it.


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did you ever get a response to your question? 

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Hello, I can't rember I asked this question.



I would like to know this info aswell????  

I know thats a older question. But yet there is a blog post about COT:

Maybe it helps.


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Thank you. That is the type of answers that we must always provide, forgetting if it was previously resolved. We must remember that new MZpack clients are constantly coming to the forum. These types of questions with the appropriate response resolve in advance many concerns that will arise in the future.
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