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Bid, Ask or BidAsk as a footprint style shows nothing


when I set Footprint style to Ask, Bid or BidAsk, than it shows no values.

mzPack 3.15.27

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I am also facing the same footprints show no bid or ask

Hello gagan deep,

I remember the situation came up when I upgraded to the current version at the time. I followed the standard procedure as always. However, after restarting the NT8, I discovered that on one chart the footprint indicator does not display correctly. But all was well on the other charts. The problem only applied to the graph that was on the other tab. On this tab, the indicator did not upgrade, but remained in the original version. Even in ControlCenter I could see two versions of mzPack (older and newer one). The problem was solved by another version where this did not happen again. But it seems that the mzPack may not upgrade properly if the indicator (here footprint) is on the next tab. But I'm just guessing...?

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