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BigTrade automatically.

I would find it interesting, as it is on another platform, to be able to calculate the BigTrade automatically.

It is calculated as the average of all BigTrades, during the last 5 days (variable), before today.

It could be possible to calculate e.g. for the mSP, only for the American session hours and another one for the Asian-European session.


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I believe that ATAS works in the following way...they average the last 5 sessions and based on the average of bigtrades complete the minimum to filter


Many people stopped using Ninja to use ATAS for this functionality and I am a person who is considering leaving Ninja for the same reason and having the lifetime license of Ninja and MZPack

I checked ATAS and didn't find any sence or edge with BigTrades 'filtering'.
Can anyone explain better what does it mean? With examples, please.

Also, it is rendered pretty slowly and is lagging.

I am on a website, where many people use Atas with the Bigtrades filter, advised by the website developer. It seems to work well for them.

They say that the program calculates the average of the last 5 days of all BigTrades, if it comes out e.g. 400, the next day only those with 400 or more contracts are drawn on the chart.

They also comment that if there are in a bar several contiguous BT, but less than 400, the program adds them and if it is greater or equal to 400 they are also drawn on the graph.

These are comments that have been made, I do not know if they can be useful for you.


Translated with (free version)

Hello Jesus

That makes sence. Thank you!

I don't know exactly what the algorithm that Atas uses, but if I would take the idea since I think there are things to improve, for example, if I open Atas it shows me some Bigtrades, but if I refresh the screen or someone enters a while later it can show bigtrades that I don't see because it recalculates and has changed the number of contracts needed to be a bigtrades, which doesn't seem right to me, what I think it should do is take the last 5 days (not including the current one) and based on a calculated average, determine the minimum number of contracts to be considered a bigtrades and not have to put that filter by hand since it is variable like the market, so that you have an idea in the MNQ generally around 145 or 150 contracts as a filter , I do not pretend that it gives the same number since for that it would be necessary to have the exact algorithm that Atas uses, but if I would take the idea of ​​automating that filter to be able to detect based on the last days (closed), what would be the amount adequate time to update said filter.

Surely the best way to understand it is by downloading Atas and seeing how that indicator behaves (check autofilter).

Thanks for listen to us.


What about trades selection functionality recently added in mzBigTrade? Have you tried it?

You can set Days to load = 5 or to any desired number and enable it. 
See attached.

Does it cover ATAS feature?

hello in my case I have not tried that mzBigtrade filter I did not know it, I do not know how it works. I will try it and I will give you an answer.   

Good afternoon

Please can you confirm me whether or not the BigTrade will be introduced in Mzpack in automatic.

Thank you

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