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actualizar paquete de indicadores mz pack

hola tengo una version 3.18.0 y veo que han actualizado y van por la version 3.18.5, para actualizar tengo que comprar de nuevo o hay alguna forma de actualizar gratis?

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Dear gentlemen, in 2017 I bought two indicators that you offer on the Mzpak page, Market Balance and Tpo volume profile, they never worked correctly for me, slow, they freeze, every time I make a change they freeze again, now you took a new update , and in order to open these indicators it is asking me for a license key again , I do not understand why if I cancel these indicators and they are mine , you continue to restrict my access by asking me for new license keys . please I need a solution to the problem, you have not given me anything, I paid for these indicators.

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