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New Footprint Essential view

Hello everyone!

as a request I propose (grouping various features) a new way to see the individual bars of the footprint in order to have a better overview by grouping everything effectively. I am attaching a photo of a single bar (and another image of another footprint program to better show what I want to explain) where I have pointed the features already implemented in the mzpack.

1 imbalance-poc-absorption >>> displayed inside the bar.

2 Regarding Big Trades, a clean and clear way would be to stick them via a diagonal line at the key point away from the bars so as not to overlap and cover other indications and candles.

3 Delta stack: a quick and easy way to understand the intensity and direction/color (red-green) of the delta with a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 bar represents a weak delta and 10 bars represent a strong delta of considerable size . To set the size of the scale it could work an automatic average calculation from the beginning of the session (or either back by N bars or back by N days).

Basically it is a classic zoomed out candle/range chart with all the footprint useful stuff added in order to have a complete view of the market.

Any suggestion or new idea really welcome!

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I've forgot to mention DOM pressure (please see the image in the pdf attached): a vertical line with its triangle attached to the candle at the interested price level that doesn't cover any candle or other stuff/indicators. 

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