MZpack indicators are tick indicators processing market data on tick-by-tick basis.
There are two aspects of the optimization: for historical and live market data processing, and rendering also.

To calculate values on historical data with maximal precision we must use Tick replay mode. Tick replay uses historical data to build the Data Series. This requires additional PC resources adversary impacting the performance and initial calculation times of indicators and strategies.

First of all

  • Check for products' updates. Update your MZpack software regularly. 
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To reduce chart loading and initial calculation time:

  • Set 'Days to load' to the minimal possible value
  • Remove unused indicators from the chart
  • Close unused shadow workspaces

To optimize live market data processing and rendering, including avoiding chart delays:

  • Remove unused indicators from the chart. If you need an indicator periodically only, turn its visibility on and off by clicking the 'eye' button <) on the toolbar next to its name.
  • Close unused shadow workspaces
  • Turn on 'General - Optimize render performance'. Set 'Maximal render time, ms' = 80..140. The chart might 'flash' after this but will be responsive.
  • mzBigTrade: set 'Orderflow - Reconstruct tape apply' = ChartReload (this will save a lot of memory)
  • mzMarketDepth: set 'Common - Depth of market' = 10..30. For some instruments/data subscriptions, the full order book is available.
  • mzMarketDepth: set 'Historical DOM - History depth, bars' = 500..2000
  • mzVolumeProfile, mzFootprint: set 'Ticks per level' = 2 or more
  • mzVolumeProfile: set 'Volume profile - Ladders saturation' = OFF if 'Profile view' = Ladders
  • mzVolumeProfile: turn TPO feature on and off if you need it periodically only
  • mzVolumeProfile: set 'Volume profile - Profile accuracy' = Minute (for daily/weekly/etc. time frames and very large composite profiles)

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