If your market data provider doesn't support historical Bid-Ask data you will see all historical trades on the Bid side.

Eg. Forex market doesn't provide historical Bid-Ask data.

These indicators can be adjusted for historical non-BidAsk data: mzFootprint, mzVolumeProfile, mzBigTrade, mzVolumeDelta. Choose 'Orderflow – Calculation mode' = UpDownTick.

For Forex pairs, we recommend using relevant futures to enable all features of MZpack in your analysis (including DOM analysis). Eg. for EURUSD use 6E futures.
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Hybrid mode and Indian Market (NSE)

Indian Market data providers (eg. Accelpix) don’t translate historical Bid-Ask data so far. For Indian users, Hybrid mode for ‘Orderflow – Calculation mode’ settings has been added. The Hybrid mode uses UpDownTick calculation for historical data and BidAsk calculation for real-time data, which is much accurate. Read more.